Friday, April 18, 2008

Australian Doubles Tennis Instruction

Australian Doubles anyone? Most players think Australian Doubles is just a weird lineup that is supposed to somehow bother your opponents so that the receiver misses the return of serve. Though the chances of a missed or off-target return are a bit greater, the real purpose of Australian Doubles is to set up the opposition switched so that you can easily poach service return.

It is also an excellent serve-and-volley formation for teams that want to play serve-and-volley but are having little success from the normal Up-and-Back Formation.

Check out the four new lessons on Australian Doubles:

Australian Doubles Avenues to Victory
The Australian Doubles Play
Australian Doubles Net Play Tactics
Australian Doubles Serving Tactics

And then, for a review, see this animated tutorial on how to play, and how to defend against, Australian Doubles.

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At 8:48 PM, Blogger Joseph Bayot said...

That animated tutorial is great! Heh what's weird is that, a few years ago, my doubles partner and I used to play this formation (although we couldn't comprehend nor explain the benefits as well), but we thought we were brilliant for coming up with something like this.

Then I came to Operation Doubles and my bubble was burst.

Keep it up =)


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